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Buzz Bomb Flasher Systems

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Buzz Bomb Flasher Systems

Buzz Bomb Flasher Systems 100% made in the USA. made popular in South Africa and affectionately know as a pop sac, these flashers produce amazing results.

Check out @buzzbombflashers on instagram to see some of the amazing results.  Personally tested by the Freedive Shop crew.


15′ long, 1 buzz bomb & 5 double sided flashing fish w/3D eyes.
25′ long, includes 10 double sided flashing fish with  3D eye color and one buzz bomb


I’ve used a couple different types of flashers before but never had Onos, ahi, and turtles try chewing on them until i took the buzz bomb out. They kept coming back for more! By far the best i’ve ever used!. – Che Gonzales – Hawaii

I started off with expensive flashers that I was told I should have, after lacklustre results I built my own flashers for years, and had very good results. After a shark took my last flasher rig I decided to give buzz bomb flashers a go, my rigs were complicated, the buzz rigs are so simple! Where I can’t say enough good things about them is on the days when the fish are not feeding, I have shot over twenty wahoo that I would not have if it were not for the buzz bomb flashers bringing them in. – George Steele – Antigua

First Day using the buzz bomb flashers and they earned a spot on my boat every trip, put out a great flash even in water that wasn’t so clear. Had a little bit of everything checking them out from sailfish, kingfish, tuna, and to top it off a 40lb black grouper came up from 90 ft to nibble on the buzz bomb. – -DJ Barrios – Key West, FL

After using them a few times I must say Buzz Bomb Flashers are hands down the best flashers i’ve found on the market. I’ve used them mostly for targeting pelagics with great success and have even had reef fish come off of the bottom to give them a look. – Ryan Bainer Palm Beach, FL

Buzz bombs killed it yesterday for me… AGAIN 😁. Heading back out now, weather turned and this boy is making hay!” -@bluewaterspearfisher – Antigua

“I took a chance this morning in some hellacious weather and went to a spot I hoped was sheltered from the weather, me alone in the water, three drifts home by 1 pm, and had tax problems. The fish were not feeding and had no interest in my chum line, all fish caught due to the buzz bomb.” @bluewaterspearfisher – Antigua

HATCH spearguns and BUZZBOMB Flashers = ONOS!! Awesome start to my Friday! Ripped all the line from my reel and took me for a under water sleigh RIDE!!” – Christian Schaber – Oahu, Hawaii

“We finally found some good water and the #buzzbombflashers saved the trip. No way we could have done it without it. Tons of video and pics to be up soon. I’ve never seen a flasher rig bringing them in like the buzz bomb system. It’s the real deal man!” – Lance Williams – Kingdom of Tonga

None of the fish that I put in the boat today would have happened without using the flasher that @buzzbombflashers built for me- George Steele – Antigua

The fish were not feeding and had no interest in my chum line, all fish caught due to the buzz bomb. – George Steele – Antigua

Dude got those flashers wet today and I was amazed on how the Onos were literally about to take a bite at the flashers I ended up shooting 2 Onos and almost had a chance at some ahi! Fish were going crazy my dive partner shot a nice job fish too! – @chegonzos –

Just got my set of buzz bomb XL flashers, I’m really impressed with quality and looks of this flasher system, it has a nice shine and a lot of action in the water. The customer service is awesome and I got my flasher system very promply. I would recommend the to anyone who is looking to up their blue water spearfishing game. – Kainoa Lum – Kapaa, Hawaii

Received my set of Buzz Bomb Flashers the other day and was anxious to try them out, so I anxiously took them out for a free swim in some deep reef zones behind my house here on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was astonished at how reflective the fish were! A couple of Uku ( Green Jobfish) and a small school of Kawakawa ( Mackeral Tuna) were swimming circles around the flashers within 15 mins of being there! Cant wait for my next trip, I’ll be sure to have my gun with me this time. – Nalu Awai – Big Island, Hawaii

The first time I landed a wahoo was on the buzzbomb flashers. After landing 3 shots on wahoo that day and ripping out, I was losing hope.
It was the last hour of light when a pod of wahoo came right up to the flashers I was about to take my shot on a wahoo when my buddy took a shot on a wahoo himself and spooked the wahoo I was lined up on. Seconds later out of nowhere 2 more wahoo came right up to check out the flashers and I finally got my holding shot. Can’t thank you enough for helping me land my first wahoo with the buzzbombs! That day about 10 wahoo came right up to the flashers, these things work better than any flashers I’ve ever used before. Reef, wreck, or blue water they guarantee you a chance at landing big fish! – Ricky Benvenutti – Miami, FL


15', 25'


Blue & Silver, Silver


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